Crumb On Crumble

Two years ago I went to Offprint, an independent publishers fair in Paris and was quite disappointed with it. Mainly because most of the books where about photography and art and not really about fanzines, illustration and graphics. However, my girlfriend and I decided to go back this year and I felt less disappointed to be honest. Mainly because I found this little fella.


Crumb On Crumble is a mini zine by Arnaud Loumeau and the Berlin based publishing house Re-Surgo!. It is silk printed in two colors and contains great sci-fi and surrealistic inspired landscape illustrations, which is why I got it.


In the end, I was glad of going back and wouldn’t mind going back next year to see what surprises awaits me there.

Now if you want to grab yourself one of the 125 copies of Crumb On Crumble, all you need to do is click here.

Have a sound day!


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