Isometric Awesomeness!

Hello there!

I’m back from my little Christmas break with my family and girlfriend. Maybe next time I’ll warn you about me leaving the surface of the web for a while.

Any who…


Today I am going to talk to you about an awesome guy!

Mr. Nigel Sussman.SketchBlog_989SketchBlog_1028

Living and working in San Francisco (lucky him), Nigel spends most of his time drawing awesome living machines in an isometric point of vue. Did I say machines… Sorry. Things that look like machines. Actually, you know what, sometimes they are machines, sometimes they are houses and buildings and sometimes they are just letters or little creatures. But for sure, most of the time they are machines and/or related to machinery in general.


Extremely raw, sometimes colors come by to say hi and embellish that beautiful organised chaos that Nigel draws.

SketchBlog_1060 SketchBlog_1065

This is just the way that I see it and feel about it. I love his drawings and needed to talk about them after finding them (randomly) on instagram. If you want to check more of his little drawings, you can go and checkout his sketchblog and purchase some of his artworks on his society6 page.

SketchBlog_981 SketchBlog_986

Oh… And he also does animated gifs.

I’m Alexandre.

Have a sound day everyone.

Ideas + Drafts + Loops


Hi! Last week, to celebrate his 300,000 followers on twitter, the one that we know under the name of Flying Lotus posted a link via twitter that allows everyone to access some of his greatest ideas, drafts and loops.

Question: Can “Ideas + Drafts + Loops” be considered as an actual album?

To be honest, I believe so. To me an album is a collection of songs, recordings, that an artist put together in a certain order and is listenable. Now by listenable, I don’t mean that it is beautiful to listen, but that it can actually be listened, heard by anyone. In that way an album can be for private and/or public use. And that is what “Ideas + Drafts + Loops” is!

24 tracks that are gathered, once more, by Steven Ellison to take us on one of many beautiful, poetic, cosmic and elegant journeys into sound. Starting with a very light, joyful and nostalgic track (“About That Time”), “Ideas + Drafts + Loops” is one of these unexpected releases that needs a lot of attention. Some tracks (“Flotus”, “An Xbox Killed My Dog”, “Coswerved Draftare”) are literally ideas/loops that you usually don’t want to use or that you’ll eventually use as a transition track during a live set or an interlude.

They are a lot of guest on this “Ideas + Drafts + Loops”. From Captain Murphy to the deceased DJ Mehdi, passing by Viktor Vaughn, Thundercat, Mapei and others, the album feels very emotional and filled with nostalgia.

Finally, I’d like to ad that “Ideas + Drafts + Loops” is my favorite musical release of the year.

Now, if you haven’t gave it a listen yet, here’s the official link to download it.

Don’t be afraid.

Download. Listen. Enjoy. Support.

Have a sound day.

Suffoca x Swallows & Daggers


Morning everyone! It’s Monday and here is a little something about a cool thing that happened last week. My friends from Suffoca and Swallows & Daggers happened to have a pop-up shop from December 3rd to the 8th at the Boxpark Mall in Shoreditch, London.




With a very simple display, the focus was made on their latest clothing goodies. Tees, hoodies, crews, hats and beanies where there for our eyes. And a few surprises as well.


The guys from Triclops Studio where also represented with a few of their little resin and rubbery B.A.S.T.A.R.D toys, including their twin pack, which is amazing!


Cian also managed to get a few artworks from London-based tattoo artists such as Rose Whittaker, Liam Sparkes and Luke Jinks.





Now if you’ve missed all of that, and want some of this, all you have to do is go and check out Suffoca, Swallows & Daggers, B.A.S.T.A.R.D and of course Rose Whittaker, Liam Sparkes and Luke Jinks.

Have a sound day!


Scafell Pike

During the summer I went camping for the first time in England. My girlfriend, her dad and myself decided to go on little trip to England’s highest mountain: Scafell Pike. First time ever that I hiked as well, which was pretty tough, because of the wind, but just amazingly peaceful and beautiful.

On my way to the top, I managed to take a few snaps with my dad’s camera (that he barely used and wanted to give away). Hope you’ll enjoy the view as much as I did. Oh, and if you haven’t been there yet… Time to discover that lovely area.

Have a sound day.