Isometric Awesomeness!

Hello there!

I’m back from my little Christmas break with my family and girlfriend. Maybe next time I’ll warn you about me leaving the surface of the web for a while.

Any who…


Today I am going to talk to you about an awesome guy!

Mr. Nigel Sussman.SketchBlog_989SketchBlog_1028

Living and working in San Francisco (lucky him), Nigel spends most of his time drawing awesome living machines in an isometric point of vue. Did I say machines… Sorry. Things that look like machines. Actually, you know what, sometimes they are machines, sometimes they are houses and buildings and sometimes they are just letters or little creatures. But for sure, most of the time they are machines and/or related to machinery in general.


Extremely raw, sometimes colors come by to say hi and embellish that beautiful organised chaos that Nigel draws.

SketchBlog_1060 SketchBlog_1065

This is just the way that I see it and feel about it. I love his drawings and needed to talk about them after finding them (randomly) on instagram. If you want to check more of his little drawings, you can go and checkout his sketchblog and purchase some of his artworks on his society6 page.

SketchBlog_981 SketchBlog_986

Oh… And he also does animated gifs.

I’m Alexandre.

Have a sound day everyone.


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