Personal Work #1


For those who don’t know, I studied graphic design at the Art and Design School of Saint-Etienne, France. That made me a “graphic designer”, but I don’t really feel that way. Since I’m kid, I am quite creative and now I don’t just focus on actual graphic design. I like to draw a lot. Even little characters and doodles. Thing is that I’ve never really showcased my personal work. Which is why I decided that from this day I will put up more of these.

For starters, I’m just going to put up some drawings from several sketch books. Some of them are quite old and others very recent. Since I moved to London two years ago and am still living in a tiny place, I did not bring all of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bigger place so that I can bring them all in.



Have a sound day!


Something that I like to do on my free time, is to browse into my likes around the web. Today, I found that brilliant documentary that was released three years ago AFOL: A Blocumentary.

Directed by Jess Gibson, this short documentary introduces us to a wonderful thing that we are all aware of, but never really pay attention to: passion.

Here, Jess made a really nice work trying to show the incredible passion that Adult Fans Of LEGO have for that amazing toy company that we all know of: Lego.

I was and am still impressed with the passion, patience and talent that the people interviewed have.

AFOL: A Blocumentary is probably one of my favorite documentaries about creativity and community.

Have a Sound Day.

Holly Smokes!

That is what I said when I saw that amazing skate video. Just to let you know, this is a very unusual skate video. To be honest, no wonder it was featured on Mass Appeal as the skate video of the week.

Usually, when you think of skateboarding, you see streets, ledges, stairs, gaps, cops. Well here, nothing like it. Free jazz, flips, ollies, flying boards and… Roof tops!!! YES! ROOF TOPS!

Shot by Colin Read, and on sale here “Tengu: God Of Mischief” is an introduction to roof skateboarding featuring skaters Connor Kammerer, Koki Loaiza, Piro Sierra, Eby Ghafarian, Alex Fogt, Billy Rohan, Ryan Barlow, Nic Nootens, Spike Lamy, and Leo Gutman.

So if you’re in New-York… Don’t just mind the weather. Mind the boards.