Oh no! Free zines?


“Oh no!” is a 8 pages mini-zine by Belgium illustrator Max de Radiguès. All in black white, we discover little characters that all had the same costume idea. A classic! I love it and it reminded me of an epic TBBT episode in which the main characters had the same costume.

Now, “Oh No!” is not the first and certainly not the last free fanzine. So why was I surprised when I got it? Because the way I actually got it was quite unusual.



Imagine a website where you can download fanzines for free. That exists already. But now, imagine a website where you can download fanzines for free, AND, in the right format to fold it straight after printing it unto your desktop. Now that’s something and that website is 8 Pages Comics! Allowing anyone to upload their fanzine. The website takes care of the layout depending on how big does the reader wants its fanzine to be.

The originators of that cool project are the folks behind the Belgium publishing house and collective: L’Employé du Moi. I believe that they started from the simple idea of printing fanzines at home using digital distribution and that is cool. Check them out! It’s really brilliant!

Have a sound day.


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