Can’t wait!


A few weeks ago, I saw a gig announcement on spotify and told my girlfriend that I was getting tickets no matter what. She agreed even more once I told her for what gig they were. They are for the one of the greatest hip-hop producers and multi-instrumentalists. He goes by the name of Madlib. I went back on several ticket booking websites and realized that the gig wasn’t sold out. I don’t understand why and decided to make a little poster/animated gif to promote that rare event! If you want to discover one of the major hip-hop artists and get to see Jerimiah Jae, Moire and Kutmah, just click the poster above.

Now, just like for the Bad Bad Not Good fake poster, I didn’t/don’t/won’t sell this design because it features an image that isn’t mine. If you are the photographer of that Madlib portrait, please, email me if you have a problem with me having fun with your photo.

Have a sound day.

Making music

Making music is probably one of the greatest things that you can do as an individual. I don’t say that because making music is cool. Sure it is, but I believe that doesn’t really matter. Nor do I believe that we start making music for the sake of being famous, having groupies, or being signed on a record label and all that. Of course, if that happens, it makes it easier too. We feel super happy, proud, grateful if someone ever recognizes our talent, our sound, ourselves.

Ourselves… Now that is what truly matters when making music. I believe, that the first reason why we make music is for ourselves. In my case, this started around the year 2001. 2001 was the year I really got into rap and the whole Hip-Hop culture. I got so into it that, I’d start to feel the need of writing. So I did. I remember spending hours on my desk listening to Nas, Wu-Tang and Jay-Z while writing. Thing is that, once my songs where finished, I didn’t had any beats and didn’t know anyone to work with. That’s when I found out about Hip-Hop E-Jay. A software filled with loops that you could put together in order to make beats. That is how I started to make beats and this is how I got into making music.

I believe that anyone who makes music – not playing music, but making music – started in a similar way. Certainly not the same context, the same motivations and story, but deep down the same energy, passion and urge to be a part of something. The way I see it, making music in a room since 20 years, without the world knowing about it, doesn’t make any difference in regards to being the greatest musician of all time. Sure, there’s no touring, no record deal, no manager, and all of that, but when it comes to just making music, there is no difference whatsoever. We make music for ourselves. Even when we are part of a band. We are individuals that need to talk to ourselves and musicians do it through music. So, sure, nowadays, it doesn’t make it any easier to get known. Yes there is twitter, soundcloud, mixcloud, bandcamp, and other post-myspace platforms. Yes there is greater number of people making music. But I don’t think that that should stop you from making the music you want to listen to. If it’s not out there, just make your own and enjoy it as much as you can. Not everything is going to be great, but those will be great memories. Sometimes I go back into my old files and dig out some really old tracks I’ve made and the best part is that even if they are terrible, I’ll still enjoy them because I remember -I remember how I felt when working on it, when it was done, when I lost the original and had to do it over again. I remember everything.

Memories are why I make music. They are what I talk about in my music and will relate to something that happened to me at some point.

Thank you to Ana once more for helping me out with the writing of this post.