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Good evening everyone! Hope that you are well? So I decided that I will post at least twice a week. So for this week’s second post, let’s focus a bit on music. As I work in the same agency as my girlfriend and that we share a Spotify account, we can’t use it at the same time and one of us ends using other great online services to listen to music. So here is my top 5 tracks that I’ve been listening the last few weeks.


Drew Howard – AKA 88 Camino – is a Canadian rapper and member of GET HOME SAFE from Toronto. I discovered him through a Noisey interview. The track is really slow, chill and pretty easy to listen to when focusing on something important.


Jazz Cartier – AKA Jacuzzi La Fleur – is another Canadian rapper and… Also member of GET HOME SAFE. I discovered him through the previously mentioned Noisey interview. I realised that I really listened to that track when in a rush to finish something. Really intense and energetic, it kept me going when I was slowing down.


Compared to the 4 other music videos of this TOP 5 tracks I listened to lately, this live by Shigeto is awesome! I’m a huge fan of Shigeto and his music really talks to me. But I must say that while working, I like to listen to something with a lot of drums and/or bass. Which is why this live comes in third place. It’s really good to focus for a long period and if you want to put your eyes on something else, seeing Shigeto in action is simply brilliant. Since I’ve haven’t got the chance to see him live, this video is perfect!


Here is another live performance. This time we are listening to American beatmaker and MC Boom Baptist. Their are actually 2 songs in this video. “Are and Bee” and “King Of My Castle”. Both songs will be featured on his new forthcoming album. I didn’t have a particular moment to listen to that track, apart that once I did, it got stuck in my head and didn’t want to leave it. This is why I ended up listening to it over and over again last Thursday (all day long)! Listening to it is a great pleasure, specially when the lyrics come in… Not going to spoil it for you!


In first position comes French producer Tacteel. This song is most definitely one of my favourite french electronic songs! I remember buying the CD at the Lazy Dog in Paris, when they had their second shop at the Citadium. It is one of the rare albums that I’ve never downloaded and possess in both CD and vinyl. Now this song is number one for a simple reason. The first time that I ever listened to it, I’ve notice a small hint to another of my favourite songs (again, I’m not going to spoil it). That song also made me understand that making music is all about fun and what you enjoy the most and helped me a lot one I “released” my very first EP. This is just one of these tracks that I would like to “hear” at my funeral or save if we ever needed to before the Apocalypse.

What song/track/album/video did you listened to/watched most the last few weeks? Let me know what you think of that selection and if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Have a sound day!

Thank you


Hi everyone! I’m still going to write about my holidays in France but I needed to do something before that.

Hello Sounday is now 1 year old! This is great! I hope that you feel happy about it too.

I know that I haven’t really taken the time to write these 2 little words: THANK YOU! Thank you so much for liking and sharing Hello Sounday. I really appreciate it.

This year wasn’t easy. It’s the first time I wrote about more personal things and subjects that aren’t music related. I know that I said that I’ll write more about my personal work but I haven’t really taken the time to do so… I apologise for that. Like I said, this year wasn’t easy. I quit both of my retail jobs as a customer assistant at Vue Leicester square and Johnny Cupcakes London to pursue my career as a graphic designer. This is why I haven’t been writing the past few months. I am also currently moving with my girlfriend from our tiny studio into a 1 bedroom flat which is going to be amazing and allow me to be here more often. I’m not afraid about that, but it is challenging! Doing so will allow both of us to focus a bit more on ourselves as individuals. This change is great! I can’t wait to be fully settled in. The way I see it, more space = space to work more on personal stuff, and keep you guys updated. This is why I added a link to my tumblr and my pinterest. So that you can see more of that and more of my personal taste.

Also, I’ve noticed that some of you enjoyed when I talk about illustration, travels and photography. So, I will definitely write more about these subjects as I would like to get more into illustration and photography myself. I am also going to add more mixtapes every now and then, just to give you an idea of what I like to listen to on a daily basis. I think that this is pretty much it, for now.

Thanks again! Hope that you’ve enjoyed this year with me, because I sure did. Thanks a million! Of course, if you feel that there are other things that you’d like to see, please let me know. Feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about this and the next year of Hello Sounday.

Thank you all and Bappy Hirthday Hello Sounday!

I’m Alex,

Have a sound day!