Colourful greatness!

Hi everyone. So like I said in my thank you post, I will talk more about illustration. Because I want to get involved in it and try to find illustrators that I feel close to by their style or stories that they draw. So today I will be writing a few things about Jack Teagle.

This is the first image that I’ll post because, this is how I discovered him. My girlfriend got me a gift 2 years ago that was wrap in that amazing “Heroes and Villains” wrapping paper. Because I kind of ripped it and that she knew that was going to happen, she also got me the card.

Jack Teagle lives in the South West of England and uses a lot of paint tubes for his illustrations. It makes them extremely analogue and great to look at. I must say, I really enjoy his comic book references and his heroes/villains portraits.

They’re just great! Super colourful, childish but not really and simply brilliant! Also, I have to add that his work for Anorak is awesome!

So all I just said is just my opinion and point of view on Jack’s work. Like I said before, all I do is share things I love so… Just go and check him out here and buy his comics/zines/posters here!

Have a sound day!