Pick Me Up

As an illustration enthusiast, I had to write something about this year’s edition of Pick Me Up. This was my first time ever of attending Pick Me Up. However, I felt really glad I did, and that would not have happened if my girlfriend hadn’t forced me to after a long shift at my other day job.

The thing that stoked me the most was the amount of independent illustrators, DIY and craft fellows that were present. Even though I didn’t talk to any of them, I felt like they were all very approachable and easy to speak with. I always wanted to start selling my own stuff, and for that reason, it was a good thing to actually go out there and see what was going on.

In the Pick Me Up Selects, we could see the works of Edward Carvalho-MonaghanThibaud Herem, Kyle Platts, Jack Hudson,and many more.





I am always happy to discover new illustrators and I was pleased to be introduced to Lynnie Zulu‘s afro, colorful and 80’s influenced work. While looking at her section I felt like going back in my childhood and looking at my dad’s first paintings. It also reminded me of a 90’s cartoon called Hammer Man.




My favourite part of Pick Me Up was probably the fake record store that Comms Bureau displayed. The idea of buying a 12″x12″ print just like if you where digging through a whole bunch of crates is just brilliant.


The guys and girls from Skull Paradise was also there with great prints and awesome leather jackets!


I really enjoyed it and realized that you don’t have to be a great designer or whatever to start making your own stuff. You just have to do what you like and make sure that it is good enough for you and worth showing. That always freaked me out, but now that I saw people doing stuff that I could relate to easily, I am ready to start working on some stuff of my own. So for those of you who didn’t/couldn’t go an check out Pick Me Up 2014, do it next year! It is a must see event!!!

Have a sound day everyone!


Can’t wait!


A few weeks ago, I saw a gig announcement on spotify and told my girlfriend that I was getting tickets no matter what. She agreed even more once I told her for what gig they were. They are for the one of the greatest hip-hop producers and multi-instrumentalists. He goes by the name of Madlib. I went back on several ticket booking websites and realized that the gig wasn’t sold out. I don’t understand why and decided to make a little poster/animated gif to promote that rare event! If you want to discover one of the major hip-hop artists and get to see Jerimiah Jae, Moire and Kutmah, just click the poster above.

Now, just like for the Bad Bad Not Good fake poster, I didn’t/don’t/won’t sell this design because it features an image that isn’t mine. If you are the photographer of that Madlib portrait, please, email me if you have a problem with me having fun with your photo.

Have a sound day.

Bad Bad Very Good!


I’ve been listening to a lot of Bad Bad Not Good lately, and just found out that they will be playing at Xoyo London on Thursday the 6th of May. I decided to have fun and make a little flyer for that special occasion.

You can purchase tickets by clicking on the actual flyer.

Note to the photograph of the original picture: I didn’t/don’t/won’t sell this design. Email me if you have a problem with me having fun with your photo.

24 hours




Two years ago, my girlfriend and I managed to get tickets for the legendary 24 hours car race in Le Mans. This was the first time that I ever attended such an event. To be honest, I was quite amazed and felt like a kid in front of all that energy and passion for that four wheel legendary race I’ve heard about all my life through comic books, movies and sports channels.



As my girlfriend is originally from there, growing up in Le Mans, her dad took her there several times and being introduced to that massive event by the both of them was a greater honor and pleasure.


Not only I got to see some of my favorite cars in real life, but I also get to see one of my favorite rock bands of the last few years: Kill The Young.



Before I forget, a lot of people fell asleep and didn’t get to see important parts of the race.