Behind the cover #001

If I remember, I wrote a post a year ago or so about making music. I have never talked about my work on album covers. To be honest, I’m kind of happy about being a graphic designer, because I get to make my album covers myself and like I want. I’ve always enjoyed illustrated album covers and never really went for it. I’ve always been about very clean, photographic or vector artworks with typefaces until one day.



Sometime around December 2012 I released an EP under my Tremät Tämert alias. The EP, entitled “Wookie”, was different from what I used to do. I felt good about it because I finally managed to create a sound that I really was into. I think trap and wonky music was getting big at the with the releases of TNGHT, DJ Carnage and Baaeur. With that new sound and a new direction for me, I decided that I was going have a different kind of visual universe. Something a bit more… Weird. Less clean.

I loved that cover for a long time because I had gone away from the geometric based kind of thing that I used to do (all the time)!

Even though I was highly inspired by the producers listed before musically, one cover really inspired me visually.



DJ Carnage’s “Bang” by Niv Bavarski.

I’ll probably start posting a bit more posts about my work, even though I already said that previously. I am being seriously serious this time.

Have a sound day!

Personal Work #1


For those who don’t know, I studied graphic design at the Art and Design School of Saint-Etienne, France. That made me a “graphic designer”, but I don’t really feel that way. Since I’m kid, I am quite creative and now I don’t just focus on actual graphic design. I like to draw a lot. Even little characters and doodles. Thing is that I’ve never really showcased my personal work. Which is why I decided that from this day I will put up more of these.

For starters, I’m just going to put up some drawings from several sketch books. Some of them are quite old and others very recent. Since I moved to London two years ago and am still living in a tiny place, I did not bring all of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bigger place so that I can bring them all in.



Have a sound day!