What about the Justice League?


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For this first post, I am going to talk about the absence of the Jusictice League in the whole superhero film industry. But first things first.

Thanks to Bryan Singer’s 2000 “X-Men”, the superhero film industry was able to return from our past and made comic book universes less geeky/nerdy. However, superhero fans may have found some disappointments in that long series of films.

So far, the only thing that really bothered me is the lack of DC Comics adaptations. As you may know, most of them are Marvel Comics adaptations. Sure DC rebooted Superman with “Superman Returns” and more recently “Man Of Steel”, and Batman, with Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy”. They also attempted a Green Lantern premier on the big screen, which was a massive disaster (to me). The most disappointing part of that movie, before even watching it, was the cast. You see, to me, Ryan Reynolds never should have been casted as Hal Jordan. One of the greatest mistakes in a comic book adaptation so far. To be fair and honest about Ryan Reynolds acting skills, he would have been better as Barry Allen, or as we know him better: The Flash.

But back to DC’s lack of comic adaptations. Since the year 2000, Marvel Comics have ruled in the superhero film industry. 6 X-Men movies, 4 Spiderman ones, 2 Fantastic Four, 2 Hulk, 3 Iron Man, 2 Thor, 1 Captain America and 2 Avengers. Basically they have been over productive and managed to make us hate and/or love every single one of their films. Now, I know that some of these titles aren’t Marvel Comics anymore but still, they are from the Marvel universe so I consider them as being Marvel. But what drives me crazy is that nobody seems to care about a Justice League movie. I exaggerate a little bit, but still, it is how I feel about it.


First question, why do you need to reboot Batman in “Man of Steel 2” while we just got out of a seven year long trilogy by Christopher Nolan? You don’t need to do that. It is a waist of time and a waist of money! Now, second question, why reboot Superman with the “Man Of Steel” movie? Same as Batman: YOU DON’T NEED TO DO IT! “Superman Returns” came out in 2006. We know who he is, plus the new Lois Lane is lame. You know how fighty Lois normally is? Well she is not! Her part is not even that important or interesting. I was just very disappointed by that movie. The CGI was pretty good, I’ll give it that,  even though during the first twenty minutes, I felt like watching “Star Trek”. But lest’s get back to the point.

Why reboot Superman with “Man Of Steel” and reboot Batman with “Man Of Steel 2”? We already know both characters very well. For instance, ask anyone to name 3 superheroes and they’ll pronounce the names of Superman and Batman for sure. So just skip that rebooting part and go straight to the Justice League movie.

DC needs to do what Marvel did: get inspired by all the awesome material that already exists in TV shows such as “Justice League”, “Justice League Unlimited” or even “Young Justice”. Most importantly, instead of copying Marvel and trying to present each hero in a separate movie, then bring them in one massive blockbuster, they should just start with a Justice League movie.

Here’s the idea: Batman is working on a case, Superman helps him then we get introduced to John Jonzz/Martian Manhunter and all the other characters start coming in little by little. The bad guys should be Lex Luthor and Psimon. Being familiar with Lex Luthor, Psimon is the one that needs introduction. The fact that Psimon is originally a “Young Justice” character that could spice things up. From that point, and only from that point, they should develop the characters in individual movies.

Of course a Green Lantern film could feature Hawkgirl as far as they both had a love affair in the league. Like I said earlier, the main problem with the first Green Lantern movie was Ryan Reynolds being Hal Jordan. And because we are focused on John Stewart here, Terrence Howard or Idris Elba could play that role and Olivia Wilde could be Hawkgirl..

Now, because everyone is crazy about that Superman VS Batman movie, I am saying… Why not. And it could also introduce us to Wonder Woman. Even though she could have a movie of her own. Now for the actors, I don’t mind having Ben Affleck as Batman, even though Val Kilmer was pretty good in “Batman Forever”. When it comes to Superman, well, my main concern is that in every single film featuring Superman, they always try to find an actor that looks just like Christopher Reeves (R.I.P). Sure he was really good and the fact that he is dead is making him irreplaceable. Which is why we should give Ryan Gosling the role. When it comes to Wonder Woman… It gets tricky… The fact that Wonder Woman is a feminist warrior, makes it harder to found someone able to reborn our favorite Amazon. But don’t worry, I thought this through and believe that Dexter’s sister, Jennifer Carpenter, could be a great Wonder Woman. Just because she can play a very strong and sensitive character.

Last but not least, Aquaman, Flash and Martian Manhunter should both have their own movies. Not only because they are not very known from the greater audience that Hollywood has, but also and mostly because they are very different from the other superheroes. Flash only has super speed and can, through that, move molecules, but other then that, nothing. Apart from the fact that he is a really funny guy compare to everyone else, which why he should be performed by Ryan Reynolds! Aquaman is different because he is the king of Atlantis. Which is a big deal. Therefore, the integration of the Atlantis myth could be awesome to see. And because he is a king, Dennis Hopper should be Aquaman. Plus the resemblance is amazing. As for Martian Manhunter Ryan Kwanten is the one that I came up with.

So that’s all I had to say on the Justice League and the potential movies that are to come. If you think differently (or not),  I’d be more then happy to read your thoughts on that matter. To do so, all you have to do is post a comment.

Thanks for reading and have a sound day.

P.S: Oh and please… No CGI costumes… It makes everything look SUPERBAD!!!


Other P.S: Thank you Ana for helping me out with the writing of this article.