Gotham’s black uppercase ‘G’

As people, it is very common to enjoy simple things. A nice smoked piece of meat, a great song, a sip of freshly squeezed juice. Basically, anything that is good to us. I get to enjoy these things, but I also things such as the shape of a letter. This might sound strange to some people, but for designers and other like minded folks, this is pretty standard. We all have a few favourite fonts but when it comes to letters, it is a different story. I love Gotham Black’s uppercase G!

I remember the first time I saw that letter. It was in a documentary by French filmmaker Jean-Baptiste de Laubier entitled “Hooligan Disco”. The font was used on a black background in between sharp cuts of Para One’s US touring footage. It was there to introduce the viewer to the upcoming chapter. As simple as it was, I witnessed it’s extreme efficiency and was instantly blown away!

From that point on, I did my best to hunt down that font until I got it’s name. Gotham. A font named after the imaginary city of Batman was amazing to me. Actually, it still is! This is why knowing it’s name filled me with great joy!
I was still a student at the time, and couldn’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a font. I managed to “acquire” a copy of it through a friend’s friend. Once I installed it, I opened Illustrator and typed in the words “Gotham City” in Gotham Black. I remember staring at the capital G. Trying to understand it. Analyse it. I couldn’t break the reason why it is so perfect. Eventually, I gave up and realised that some things aren’t meant to be decoded and understood. Some things are just meant to be admired.


Behind the cover #001

If I remember, I wrote a post a year ago or so about making music. I have never talked about my work on album covers. To be honest, I’m kind of happy about being a graphic designer, because I get to make my album covers myself and like I want. I’ve always enjoyed illustrated album covers and never really went for it. I’ve always been about very clean, photographic or vector artworks with typefaces until one day.



Sometime around December 2012 I released an EP under my Tremät Tämert alias. The EP, entitled “Wookie”, was different from what I used to do. I felt good about it because I finally managed to create a sound that I really was into. I think trap and wonky music was getting big at the with the releases of TNGHT, DJ Carnage and Baaeur. With that new sound and a new direction for me, I decided that I was going have a different kind of visual universe. Something a bit more… Weird. Less clean.

I loved that cover for a long time because I had gone away from the geometric based kind of thing that I used to do (all the time)!

Even though I was highly inspired by the producers listed before musically, one cover really inspired me visually.



DJ Carnage’s “Bang” by Niv Bavarski.

I’ll probably start posting a bit more posts about my work, even though I already said that previously. I am being seriously serious this time.

Have a sound day!