A lot of movies are coming out this year. Captain America 2, The Lego Movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy but, nothing is like the reboot of the one and only Japanese radioactive monster: GODZILLA. The thing with Godzilla is that, when I look back at the 1998 version, from director Roland Emmerich, I’m thinking that the creature deserves better and this is what the brand new Godzilla might bring (I hope so). Moreover when you know that it’s director, Gareth Edwards, is thinking of a sequel in a “Destroy All Monsters” style.

In the meantime we have a great poster and this awesome trailer that kind of works like Cloverfield‘s, in the way that it doesn’t reveal too much about the monster.

This year’s Godzilla is by far, my most expected movie this year. Which one is yours? Just write it in the comment section bellow.

Have a sound day!