Good stuff #001

I know, I know. It has been a while since I wrote a little piece on here. I said I was going to be back and then I bailed on you lovely folks. Guess what?! I’m back another motherf****ing time! This time I am about to share some things that I either own or wish […]

All day every day

After a fun night of drinking wine, eating pizza and digging through some Hip-Hop records with some friends, I decided to come back to making mixes and publishing them on my Mixcloud. If you didn’t know already, I’m a Hip-Hop head and as much as I listen to a whole lot of styles and genres, […]

Jianbo’s Chinatown

British Chinese-Vietnamese rapper Jianbo is back with a new track produced by Sly Diggers & Slimmoney entitled Chinatown Alley. The video below is meant to be part of a three-part thriller lead by Jianbo himself – in a story of vengeance, love, hate & redemption. His debut single S.H.A.O.L.I.N. explored his East Asian heritage while […]

Interviewing Naud

Being creative, I am always interested in learning about my peers’ process in creating as well as their influences and inspiration. There is no better way in learning about that than with an interview. Today I have a fellow bilingual: Naud. Naud is a French pop artist, who happens to sing in both French and […]