Interviewing Naud

Being creative, I am always interested in learning about my peers’ process in creating as well as their influences and inspiration. There is no better way in learning about that than with an interview. Today I have a fellow bilingual: Naud. Naud is a French pop artist, who happens to sing in both French and […]

A year of silence

Films documenting music – fictional or not – are my favourite, right after science-fiction and animation. After a couple of weeks, I started to feature some music films here. Void, One Year Of Silence is the latest one I have seen. At the end of March 2020, the UK entered its first lockdown of the […]

Noticing Tammy Lakkis

Tammy Lakkis is the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. She grew up in Windsor, Ontario and Dearborn Heights, Michigan and is now based in Hamtramck. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ. Lakkis is also known for her all-hardware sets and singing bilingually in both English and Arabic. I first heard of her last summer […]

On making music

Making music is reasonably one of the greatest things you can do. I don’t say that because making music is cool. It sure is, but that doesn’t really matter. Nor do I believe that we start making music for the sake of being famous or being signed on a record label. Of course, being signed […]

Loving Posters #02

The posters showcased today are colourful and typo-centric. Three of them used hand-made style typography, while the two others utilise fonts. Unfortunately, I do not know which fonts. Sometimes, not knowing the answer is good. It shows that we are not a robot or a machine fed by sole knowledge. It shows that even though […]