Ableton Live 12 is here

Everything is in the title. Ableton Live 12 is here, and it is packed with plenty of features that are quite interesting.

Being an avid Live user since the 8th version of the German DAW, I can’t wait to try out the following new features:

  • Granulator III – The latest iteration of Robert Henke’s granular instrument now has MPE capability, giving you expressive control over parameters like note bend, vibrato and glissando. Plus, you can now capture audio in real-time and start manipulating it immediately.
  • MIDI Editor improvements – Rearrange the order of a selection of notes by pitch, velocity or duration. Stretch, split, chop or join notes in new ways; shape the velocity of notes more easily; transpose them into a scale; or add intervals chromatically or in key.
  • MIDI Transformations and Generators – Create a variety of simple or complex variations to your MIDI clips. Add ornaments, connect successive notes and chords, simulate guitar strums, or pick from a set of generative algorithms to conjure up melodies, rhythms and chords that follow constraints you define.
  • Mixer improvements – Live’s Mixer, previously available only in Session View, can now be used in Arrangement View. It also comes with improvements that make it more accurate for detailed mixing decisions, and easier to read and control.
  • Tuning Systems – Work in tunings outside the 12-tone equal temperament system, and access them with Live’s devices and any MPE-capable plugin.

Plenty of other features seem to make working with Live even easier than before. I recommend you check out the video below or the Ableton website to dive deeper into all the good stuff coming to Live 12.

On top of that great news, there’s a 20% OFF discount going on at the moment for anyone upgrading to Live 12 or wanting to purchase the official standalone groovebox and Live controller: Push 3!

Peace, love and have a sound day!

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