No Escape: an EP by Vex Ruffin

A few years back, while looking for some information about Vex Ruffin, I stumbled upon his free EP No Escape. It was released digitally through the Stones Throw website.

Earlier this year, Vex Ruffin released a new EP entitled Emilio. It features some of my favourite songs of the year. Not to mention the overall happiness that we can sense from Ruffin’s life changes.

A few years back, when he released No Escape, the Chino Hills artist didn’t feel at his best. Yet, No Escape is a great post-punk EP that you should definitely check out if willing to venture yourself in these sonic parts.

Being a random selection of tracks made 2 years before the release of the EP, “No Escape” has a lot to offer in terms of influences. From the sampled drum loops to the synth leads and processed vocals, Vex Ruffin managed to give us an idea of what it was like to be in his shoes back then. I will add that I am pleased to hear that, over the years, he was able to get happier in life, no matter how great that EP was. It was not at all positive compared to the recent Emilio and LiteAce Frequency, which you should definitely listen.

If you wish to learn more about that LA-based label, you can check out my post about 10 great Stones Throw releases here.


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