Zine Of The Day: Crumb On Crumble by Arnaud Loumeau

I started collecting zines around 2008-2009. I do not own much, but as they are a part of who I am, I have decided to showcase them in this new “Zine of the day” series.

In 2011, Emilie and I went to Offprint, an independent publishers’ fair in Paris and I was quite disappointed with it. Mainly because the publishing available weren’t DIY zines but rather actual books about photography and art. However, Emilie and I decided to go back in 2013 and, to be honest, I felt less disappointed because I found this little fella.

Crumb On Crumble is a mini-zine drawn by French illustrator and artist Arnaud Loumeau and printed/published by the Berlin-based publishing house Re-Surgo!. It is silk printed in two colours and contains great sci-fi and surrealistic landscape illustrations originally drawn with Chinese ink.

As I am always big on supporting independent artists and culture, generally speaking, I can only encourage you in doing the same. Unfortunately, the zine has sold out, but you can still keep up with Loumeau’s work here and check out Re Surgo!’s online shop here.


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