Hello Sounday is back!

It is finally back! After a long hiatus, Hello Sounday is officially back with a whole new skin and logo. I have spent the last few weeks reworking the whole visual identity of my blog to fit my aesthetic and psyche, as well as my editorial choices. I have decided to keep the essence of the original Hello Sounday, but a bit more refined and clearer.

What pushed me to relaunch Hello Sounday was the fact that I missed talking about stuff I love, works I stumbled upon and my friends. I missed being on the hunt for new works by amazing people. I also missed writing in English. Now that I am back in France, even though I speak and write English at work, it is not the same as living in the UK.

I will obviously be posting content here, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. You can decide to follow me on all three platforms or one or two of them. The point is for us to connect once again.

Enjoy your stay and have a sound day!


P.S: the featured image at the top was the first Hello Sounday logo – which I also used here.

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