Shuffle Friendly: top songs of 2020 playlist

A few years ago, when I was planning on returning to blogging, I started a series of annual Spotify playlists which featured my favourite tracks of the year. I name them Shuffle Friendly.

I chose that name because of its tone, which is friendly and cool, but also because it captures best the vibe of that series of playlists. A list that you can listen to on random or as I intended which is… On random!

Today I am happy to release the 2020 edition of Shuffle Friendly and hope that you’ll enjoy the tracks selected as I do. If you do enjoy them, make sure to follow me on Spotify as I will be adding more playlists as time goes by.

I forgot to mention that due to this year’s extreme social context with some police officers killing people, the playlist features some politically conscious material. I do not apologise for that. You can always skip them. However, I hope that you will listen to these songs even though they might not fit your usual listening routines. Due to the lockdown and restrictions we had in France earlier this year, I was able to listen to a lot more music than usual and apologise for the playlist lasting almost 3 hours.


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